Bad Beat Cup

We teamed up with Morten the man behind the popular Instagram page thecocktailblog12. Today we're showcasing the second cocktail in a string of a total of three cocktails. We are proud to present Bad Beat Cup the cocktail that got us over the horrible defeat in the World cup!

The primary ingredients in these cocktails are our newest rum named Redrum have been barrel-aged for 6 months in a redwine barrel that previous contained Danish wine. 
This gives the rum a great scent of sweetness combined with grapes, plumes and tobacco - when enjoying it neat you will sense caramel, vanilla, grapes, tobacco and a quite dry finish.

See recipe below the images: 


4.5 CL To Gents Redrum 
1.5 CL Cherry Heering 
1.5 CL Golden Falernum 
1.0 CL Dry Curacao 
2.5 CL Fresh Lime Juice
Shake all with plenty ice
Strain into glas with plenty of ice
Top with club soda
Garnish with cherries on a stick 


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