Danish Libre

Cocktail and words by Morten from behind the popular blog thecocktail.blog. Text continues after the photos. 

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Danish Libre cocktail made with To Gents Redrum and Honey Rum

Rum and lime goes so extremely well together - different kind of Rums goes even better together, with both limes and some syrups, all mixed together
This is the quite simple recipe for today's VERY delicious and satisfying Red Tipple
Do you have a favorite Rum pairing yourself?
Today I'm using my newly acquired Honey Rum from To Gents which has excellent sweet Honey notes and aromas to it - This Rum just reminded me that I use way too little Honey in my Cocktails in general - so thank you Honey Rum
Pairing it with their Rum that have been barrel-aged for 6 months in a red wine barrel that previous contained Danish Wine - could this be more Danish, you ask? Hardly

This makes this wee Tipple of the Day a sweet Symphony of caramel, grapes, honey and vanilla, all bound together with Grenadine and fresh citrus notes from the Lime - This is the....

4 cl Honey Rum
2 cl Redrum
2.5 cl Freshly squeezed limejuice
2 Good dashes of Grenadine 
Build directly in glass with plenty of clear ice
Stir and add ice as you go
Express and insert lime wedges

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