Italianian Rum Count

We teamed up with Morten the man behind the popular Instagram page thecocktailblog12. Today we're showcasing the third and final cocktail in a string of a total of three cocktails. We are proud to present Italianian Rum Count inspired by Mortens vacation in Italy or to put it in his words 

"Being in Italy the Negroni and any version of it, seems like the obvious choice, but why add Rum?

At first it can seem really strange that one would add these bold flavors to a stirred Italian Apertivo.
But the very first sip will convince you that this was the best idea you prolly had that day

When doing equal part creations, it really matters what you add to it.

The Redrum from To Gents is no shrinking violet by any means, so it is able to stand up to the bombastic chocolate and bitter orange in the vermouth while drying out the Mandarine liqueur's (or Campari, Aperol) sweet richness and tempering its bitterness.
By adding the local Amaro from Calabria, which for me had a similarity of both Averna, Lucano and Montenegro, this really adds complexity and LIBRA to this stirred apertivo

Once again the Negroni proves that less can often be a bit more"

See recipe below the images.  

3 CL Redrum Rum
3 CL Red Vermouth
3 CL Mandarino Liqueuer
1 CL Calabresian Amaro
Stir with plenty ice
Serve with plenty ice
Garnish with flower of the day, preferably Italian grown


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