Red Current Cocktail

Cocktail and text by @thelivingroombar on Instagram

My parents have some redcurrant bushes on their backyard.
I always go their in the end of the summer to pick me a bagfull of them and store them in the freezer. 
But the problem is that they never last a whole winter, i use them in many of my cocktails because the flavors never stops to suprise me in a 
great way. 
Here is a wonderful example how to use theese berries in a cocktail.

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4cl To Gents Pinerum
3cl Ginger juice
3cl Lemon juice
2cl Sugar syrup
Fresh Red currant berries 
Soda water
Start with muddle the red currant berries with ginger juice and the lemon juice in a shaker. Then add the pinerum and the syrup and shake with ice. Double strain the liquid into a glass filled with ice and top with soda water. Garnish with some red currant berries.

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