The Danish Gent

We teamed up with Morten the man behind the popular Instagram page thecocktailblog12. Today we're showcasing the first cocktail in a string of a total of three cocktails entitled The Danish Gent.

The primary ingredients in these cocktails are our newest rum named Redrum have been barrel-aged for 6 months in a redwine barrel that previous contained Danish wine. 
This gives the rum a great scent of sweetness combined with grapes, plumes and tobacco - when enjoying it neat you will sense caramel, vanilla, grapes, tobacco and a quite dry finish.
These particular bottles is bottled in a limited number only, so be sure grab your bottle before it will only be mentioned in Legend stories

Now to the crafting
When I saw this recipe a while ago, done by the always fabulous 

Mathias the man behind the popular Instagram page @servedbysoberon, I instantly knew this would make for a great World Cup Themed cocktail, representing Denmark.
Mathias called it “The Ape Escape” and twisting it just a teeny weeny bit, I am calling it. 

See recipe below the images: 

6.0 CL To Gents Redrum Rum
1.5 CL Homemade cinnamon syrup
2.0 CL Lemon juice
2 Dashes Angostura bitters
Stir with plenty ice
Strain into a chilled glass with more ice
Garnish with a garden rose in Danish colours


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