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Crossroads Cask Strength

To Gents

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Crossroads Cask Strength

Crossroads is a single cask ex PX sherry solera 4 years edition that was distilled in 2015 and the youngest part in 2017. Entitled Crossroads because of the graphical artwork representing a skeleton ready to conquer the rum glasses. Furthermore the name reflects the location of the product production 56°31'28.0"N 10°12'40.8"E & our design office location 55°44'52.8"N 12°18'07.4"E were we test the flavour palette, evaluate the different design elements that needs to be taken into account like the bottle specification, colour of bottle cap, graphic narrative and the storyline one want to present through the presented visuals, choosing the right paper format: thickness, gloss or matte paper before printing of the actual label. 

The cask and solera process has given the rum a lovely scent of plums, smoke and caramel. When you dip into the first sip you will experience a soothing taste a sherry, smoke, caramel and our destint dry finish.

Technical sheet|Production Information
Single cask ex Px sherry
Distilled|2015 & 2017
Age|Solera 4 year
Wood type|American oak
Distilled & Aged|56°31'28.0"N 10°12'40.8"E
Equipment|Pot still aRoMat
To Gents 2765 Smørum, Zealand, Danmark|55°44'52.8"N 12°18'07.4"E


- Cask strength 62% alc.
- Only 20 bottles exist. No. out of 20 amount of bottles will be present on the labelled bottle for the owner to view.
- 50 cl.

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