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Redrum is a flavourful rum that will overpower you with its many faceted tastepalet. Find your bottle today.
Some have pointed out that Redrum is a morbid name for a rum because of a movie they saw when they were younger and might have snuck into the theater. To that we say it's named Redrum because the rum is red after being aged in a red wine cask.
Redrum have been barrel-aged for 6 months in a red wine barrel that previous contained Danish wine. This has given the rum a lovely scent of sweetness combined with plumes, grapes and tobacco. When you dip into the first sip you will experience a soothing taste of caramel, vanilla, grapes, tobacco and our distinct dry finish.

Technical sheet|Production Information
Single cask ex red wine
Age|6 Months
Wood type|American oak
Distilled & Aged|56°31'28.0"N 10°12'40.8"E
Equipment|Pot still aRoMat
To Gents 2765 Smørum, Zealand, Danmark|55°44'52.8"N 12°18'07.4"E

- 40% alcohol
- Bottle No. out of X amount of bottles will be present on the labelled bottle for the owner to view.
- 50 cl. bottle. 

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