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Tang Likør

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Tang Likør

Do you feel a slight breeze. Can you hear the sea calling? If the sea calls to you as much as it does to us then you have arrived at the right place and should dive directly into our Tang Likør and bask in it's emerald glory. 

Tang Likør is made with freshly harvested seaweed Danish seaweed from Dansk Tang. We age our liqueur with seaweed for weeks in order for the seaweed notes to blend with the liquid.

Notes of the sea, seaweed, sweetness and a hint of rum. When you dip into the first sip you will experience the taste of a well rounded sweetness followed by a little warmth from the rum and lastly a sweet lingering finish.  

Perfect fit on the side for your evening coffee, cheese plate or chocolate desserts. We promise that it will work and if we're wrong last one in the sea is a wimp. 


- Serve ice cold

- 50 cl. bottle

- 20 % alcohol

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